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Is it difficult for borrowers to get a payday loan?

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You can not throw everyone in one bag and give advice, because usually they will not have coverage in reality. In the case of indebtedness of several or tens of thousands if we have not been late in repaying your obligations, you can easily get a payday loan from us. We see then that you are reliable customers who attach importance to their commitments. The situation is completely different if several dozen of incidents occurred in the past with debt of several dozen thousand. It may slightly hinder getting a payday loan, but it is not impossible. We also provide payday loans to people with negative discharges in the bases and considerable indebtedness. The upside is if the debt does not exceed the amount of the payday loan, i.e. if the debt in other punctuation companies is 20,000, and you want to borrow 25 thousand. Then there is a good chance of getting a payday loan, because it is easy to guess that the money from the payday loan will be used to consolidate current payday loans.

What is important when submitting an application?

In addition, as with any other payday loan company, it will be a plus to have a stable income, preferably in the form of a mandate contract or for an indefinite period of time. Things that add points when completing applications are: having a car, because it will be easy to cash in case of troubles. Owning property, like owning a car, although in more emergency situations. The next plus may be vocational, technical or higher education. It is no secret that it is much easier for people with specializations to find a well-paid job than those without education. An interesting fact is that even the status of a relationship is taken into account. This is because people in a married or permanent relationship are perceived as more responsible and trustworthy. It is also important if your income from work, pension or benefit is transferred to your bank account.

A payday loan without a mortgage

A mortgage is a very convenient security for the lender. payday loans for housing or home are usually granted for about 50-70% of the payday loan value. The lenders usually gladly grant payday loans against property, even to bailiff customers, without income, and to bad BIK, BIG and KRD databases. Because even if the debtor does not repay the payday loan, the money will not be lost and the lender will be able to take over the property in accordance with the law. That is why, among others, clients are reluctant to pledge their apartments for extra cash.

A house or flat is often a lifelong achievement and most people can not afford to lose it. Usually because it simply would not have happened where to lose after losing the mortgage. One trip is enough and you will have to say goodbye to your apartment. Certainly, this is not a prospect that encourages people to take out mortgage payday loans for indebted households. Fortunately, our company does not require any pledge, even from people with bad bases or indebted, so if you are looking for an additional injection of cash, we may be able to obtain it.

Are private payday loans a good way out of debt?

Private payday loans are a password often entered into the search engine by people with financial problems. What are private payday loans? Well, this form of crediting does not differ too much from simply borrowing money from someone from a family or a friend. With some differences. Borrowing money from private individuals is done by signing a civil law contract and a so-called blank promissory note. The civil law agreement contains all provisions, as in the payday loan agreement with the company. This is, among others, the payday loan amount, repayment date, interest rate and other usual provisions. And a blank promissory note is a form of security for the lender. A blank promissory note is a free translation of “blank document”. It’s because we sign a receipt that we owe a certain amount of money to the person.

Pros and cons of payday loans from private investors

However, this amount is not written and the lender can enter there any amount of money. Such a check is recognized in the light of the law, and the check owner has the full opportunity to enforce the amount that is on such a promissory note. This method of financing is usually decided by people heavily indebted, often with a debt collector, who no longer count on a payday loan from any other institution. Unfortunately, the downside of private payday loans is that they are usually provided for amounts not exceeding PLN 5000 and for a period not longer than 30 days. A private lender is also not easy to find. They usually have their regular customers, and reluctantly lend to strangers, because in the event of an unfair person simply lose their hard-earned money. Another thing is the interest rate. payday loans from private investors are granted on a high percentage. Usually, it is about 50%. So if we borrow PLN 3,000, we have PLN 4,500 to pay for the month.

If you are in a similar situation and are looking for a payday loan or credit for indebted, we encourage you to submit an application on our website. Every day we serve dozens of people with financial problems and help them get out straight.


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