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Payday Loan: definition and main characteristics

Everything you need to know about the payday loan, starting from the precise definition of this product. All the best online offers regarding the payday loan for the purchase of the car and not only, since the payday loan is perfect for all those who are interested in buying any good or service.

The purpose payday loan is a form of financing aimed at customers interested in making a purchase.

This is the general definition of the product, which is aimed at a rather large clientele. In fact, with the payday loans it is possible to purchase goods and services of any kind. In this sense one could think of being faced with the simple payday loan, which also allows the use of the amount required for the purchase of any product. If some characteristics can be similar to those of payday loans, the payday loan finalized in its definition has a precise bond, which is linked precisely to the purchase. While in the case of payday loans it is not necessary to specify the expenditure that you want to deal with the money we are requesting, choosing the payday loan is required to present the cost estimate. This means that the amount we will receive will be exactly equal to the cost of the good or service we are buying.

Among the main features of this product there is also the possibility of making the request for financing without necessarily going to a bank or financial institution. Being a payday loan for the purchase of a good or service, in many cases the request for financing can be made directly to the retailer. In particular, lending institutions specializing in targeted payday loans make agreements with different types of shops based on the products they offer. In this way, thanks to the payday loan, a favorable situation is created both for the merchants and for the bank itself. The former can in fact offer their customers the opportunity to defer payment, which no doubt increases sales, especially in the case of products with a particularly high cost. By creating a dense network of affiliated dealers, the bank can offer a larger number of targeted payday loans, thus obtaining a greater profit. Finally, the customer can buy what he wants with the opportunity to make the payment in convenient installments, even through the request for funding directly from the dealer.

On the basis of what has just been said, payday loans mainly aimed at today are among the most requested forms of financing.

It is now possible to buy any type of product by choosing the payment in comfortable installments. The simplest example and also the most common case in which a payday loan is requested is for the purchase of a car. All dealers offer their customers a payday loan, whose characteristics will depend on the credit institution with which our dealer has an agreement. But the payday loan can be chosen in many cases. In particular, electronics stores, especially large chains, offer their customers this opportunity. So the payday loan is perfect for buying a new computer, a smartphone, a tablet or appliances and anything else. Regarding the services that can be purchased by payment in installments, the most common example is the organization of a holiday. The travel agencies therefore offer their customers payday loans aimed at leaving without having to worry about the expense that must be addressed.

The characteristics of the payday loan are those of a classic payday loan, with the difference that you can request it directly from a business. The maximum amount that can be requested varies according to the credit institution with which the retailer has an agreement. Usually this threshold is set at 30,000 euros, as in the case of payday loans, although there are some exceptions. In any case, it should be stressed that the amount that can be requested will be exactly the same as the price of the goods or services purchased, therefore no additional liquidity is envisaged. An important difference compared to classic payday loans also concerns the provision of the requested sum of money. This will not be paid to the customer’s current account but to that of the retailer with whom we made the purchase. For the reimbursement instead from our account will be deducted the monthly installments fixed at the time of the request. As always, these will depend on the amount requested and the duration chosen. It is good to carefully evaluate the repayment installment that we are going to fix, so as to choose an installment within our reach. Finally, to obtain the most convenient payday loan, we advise you to choose a particularly low duration. This will result in higher monthly installments, but with the advantage of saving on interest.