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Payday Loan – within 48 hours for instant loan online

Possible applications of Payday Loans

Most people dream of fast money? Unfortunately, this is very rare. However, if you need a quick financial aid, you will find the right solution for a Payday Loan. As the name implies, there are only a few days between applying for the loan and paying it out. This is made possible by automated processes and an application via the Internet, eg via an online loan. In most cases, the applicant receives after just a few students a message, whether the loan is granted. If the answer is positive, only the documents have to be printed, signed and sent by post to the bank.

Features for a Payday Loan

  • Decision on grant will be made within a few minutes
  • If the bank agrees, it will pay out within two to five business days
  • Direct banks usually offer the best conditions for a Payday Loan
  • Identification of the borrower takes place via the Postident procedure
  • Payday Loans are usually offered for amounts between 1,000 and 50,000 euros

What is a Payday Loan?

The Payday Loan is basically a classic installment loan. The repayment is made on a monthly basis. Payday Loans are given primarily through online through direct banks. In the meantime, however, some retail banks are also offering Payday Loans via the Internet. The loans are characterized by a very fast payment of the loan amount. Depending on the bank, this will take 2 to 5 working days. Meanwhile, there are a variety of offers for a Payday Loan on the Internet. Therefore, it is advisable to compare interest and conditions with a loan calculator. It should be noted whether it is a Payday Loan for free use or a purpose-based loan, for example, to finance a car.

Possible applications of Payday Loans

A Payday Loan offers a very easy way to bridge unforeseen financial bottlenecks. Due to the quick payment of the loan, urgent bills can still be paid on time, which can avoid collection and collection costs. A Payday Loan can also prevent an overdraft of the current account, which usually results in significantly higher costs. But even urgent purchases or short-term leave can be easily financed by a Payday Loan.

In a few steps to the Payday Loan

Even if the money is needed urgently, loan seekers should always take the time to make a comparison. For this purpose, simply enter the required loan amount and the desired term into a loan calculator. If the decision for a financial house has fallen, just click on the corresponding link. Here it is necessary to complete the application form as detailed as possible. In addition to the personal data, information on the economic conditions still needs to be provided. After submitting the form, the bank carries out a first credit check including a query to the Private credit. The applicant will then be notified if the loan is approved.

In order to accelerate the payment of the Payday Loan, the documents should then be printed out immediately and sent to the bank with the required supporting documents. The faster the documents to the bank are present, the faster it will be paid the agreed loan amount. In addition to the signed loan agreement, the last three salary statements, bank statements and self-reports are required for a new credit check. Lack of documents, this leads to unnecessary delays in the payment. Runs the final credit check positive, the Payday Loan is usually paid the same day.

Is there a Payday Loan without Private credit?

Consumers with a negative Private credit entry are rejected by banks in Germany. Without sufficient creditworthiness, no credit request will be granted. The financial service providers have responded to the increased demand and now also offer a Payday Loan without Private credit. For the loan, no query is required at the Private credit, the credit check is made solely by proof of income.

In order to be able to offer a Payday Loan without Private credit, credit intermediaries work together with foreign banks, such as the Swiss Bank. Prerequisite for the lending is a permanent employment and a sufficiently high income. Like any Payday Loan, the Private credit-free variant is also requested directly via the Internet. If the requirements are met, the agent usually sends a non-binding offer within 24 hours. The credit agreements then come by post and then have to be sent back only signed. As proof of creditworthiness, the last three salary slips are usually required. Furthermore, the current bank statements are still needed, on which the salary is evident.

Caution is advised when fees or commissions are demanded by the credit intermediary as prepayment. These are dubious offers in most cases. Reputable brokers charge their commission on the payment of the loan.

Always compare fast loans

The conditions for a Payday Loan can be very different. Consumers with a very good credit rating already receive the loan for an APR of less than 5 percent. High-income credit seekers are offered Payday Loans with credit-based interest rates. Borrowers with an average salary, on the other hand, are cheaper with non-credit-standing loans. Through a free and non-binding credit comparison can be compared in a few moments a variety of loan offers. Subsequently, the loans are clearly listed according to the cheapest interest rate. After the comparison, you can easily apply for the desired loan over the Internet.

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