Payday Loans Near Me 7 Words To Success

Where to get a payday loan – a bank or a loan company?

Non-bank payday loans are a quick and easy way to improve your home budget.

Po┼╝yczka – bank czy firma po┼╝yczkowa?

The payday loan market is today a wide range of companies that offer both payday payday loans and installment payday loans extended over longer periods. Who can use such services?

Lack of cash can cross out many plans. If we do not have enough savings, we can think about taking a payday loan in a bank or in a payday loan. To receive money, we must meet certain requirements. They are quite diverse, because each lender has slightly different expectations towards its clients.

Banks and payday loan companies most often check customers carefully, because they care about the fact that the borrowed money along with the costs have been fully committed. Then, when the institution has quite high requirements, we can usually count on lower costs, while if we do not have a job or we are a debtor, we will not get payday loans anywhere, and if it is possible, the costs may be much higher.

Non-bank payday loans – what conditions must we meet?

Most often, non-bank payday loans are associated with offers available to everyone. In reality, however, also payday loan companies have their own specific conditions that customers must meet. Often they do not differ to a large extent from banking, but non-bank companies gain mainly on speed and convenience, because we can also apply for money online.

When it comes to the conditions to be met, a payday payday loan or installment payday loan is available primarily for those people who are of legal age, and also citizens of the Republic of Poland and have permanent check-in. In addition, most payday loan companies check clients in debtors’ registers, for example BIK.

Income – which ones are required when applying for a payday loan?

Usually, non-banking companies and banks require their clients to certify their income, but if we apply for smaller amounts, we do not need to present any additional documents, for example a certificate from the employer about earned income.

It happens, however, that payday loan companies offer payday loans to people without regular income, and even to unemployed people. Then we have to take into account the much higher costs of payday loan service – commission, interest rate. In addition, it is a very risky move, because the lack of regular income can easily lead to problems in repayment of installments.

In our company , we approach each of our clients on an individual basis. Who can count on us for a payday loan?

At , we offer payday loans to people who:

• they are between 20 and 80 years old

• they are not entered in the BIG debtors register

• have an address of permanent residence in Poland

• they have documented and stable income in Poland, for example under a contract of employment, pension or annuity

We do not require any collateral and guarantees, which is why our payday loan installment payday loans are readily available for those who need a quick financial injection for any purpose in the amount of up to 10 000 PLN.

If you want to apply for a payday loan, you can do it at even at this moment. We invite you to submit an online application!